Mavel Consulting

Our expertise and skills lead to the best solutions 

Our Services

  • Emergency Restructuring Resetting
  •  Project Transformations
  • Interim Gap Closure
  • Opportunity Capturing
  • Security Holistic Approach
  • Sustainability / ESG
  • Conceptual Planning
  • People inclusion across the cultures

Mergers & Acquisitions


ask for details;  references from agriculture, hospitality and manufacturing


Strategic Positioning

We concentrate on strategic positioning of companies or part of companies.


Our success is based on the melting strategy with implementation responsibility. 

We commit ourselves to a successful execution of the planned and agreed road map. We offer single sub modules for

  • analyse
  • develop alternative options
  •  format the direction of the plan
  •  implement
  • monitor
  • suggest corrective measures 


ask for details; 

references from industry and service sector. 

from industrial production to security services.

From all continents


Project Management

you can outsource your projects to us, which helps you to focus on your operations. smaller or larger, short time period or long time period.

We are a team of senior specialists and experts, used to deliver true and measurable value for money.






Business Planning

An example of a recent project;

A Business planning process set up from the scratch for a fast growing group of companies of 9 and the preparation for 6 startups across Africa.

In addition we did the industry and macro economic forecasting for 46 South of Sahara African countries. 



People the Key to Cross Cultural Business Success

Do you want to expand your markets in Asia, Americas or Africa or elsewhere and need the right cross cultural understanding in order to avoid initial setting mistakes. This helps you save all the needed resources and apply them effectively.