Our Team

Stefan Huber  /  Partner

Solid experiences as Management Consultant in Industries in Americas / Asia 

CEO / Board Member of Alive Sika Robotics, S

CEO / Board Member of Baumann Hüppe

CEO / Board Member of Holcim Lanka,

Maintains a broad network in trade and industry across Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, US, and Switzerland. He is also the owner of BWS Global Ltd. in Japan. 

Takahiro Kano / Partner

Broad international industries experience in Japan, US, Taiwan, Indonesia and Switzerland, 

together with sales and marketing in hospitality industry and worldwide HR executive search consultancy experience. He is a partner of the company. 

Ulrich Hunziker / Partner / Inventor

Seasoned Industrial experiences as CEO / Board Member of international and local groups of companies. Magirus, Stetter, Schwing Brasil, Schwing USA, MalTech.com, MavelTech.com, MavelTrade.com, Inventor Pump/Turbine. Maintains a broad network in industry and trade in Switzerland, US, Latin America, Europe. He is a partner of the company. 

Michael Dieterle / Developer / Applicator

Entrepreneur, owner of the company Naturpflege-Dieterle. He has created the pump-turbine, which was invented by Ulrich Hunziker.