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Waste to Green Solutions


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Mobile Compact Pyrolysis Machine:  Transforming waste plastic to liquid fuels


The target capacity is 1 ton per day. Currently the batch cycle takes 6-8 hours. The next development is to reach continuous processing.


Mobility and Compact size

Our aim was to produce a mobile simple to install and fast to operate machinery. To be operated in any situation and location, either for emergency response situation, or for continuous use at a permanent location. The design must meet top safety and robustness criteria, with low maintenance needs.


The 20-foot industrial container allows to transport and place it fast to any location fro different purposes. Start to operate almost instantly after arrival with minimal or almost zero infrastructure only.


Small Investment for immediate response = a Solution that fits your purpose !

No need for time consuming on site civil constructions and commissioning. It is factory manufactured, very robust design, and quality checked, easy to transport. After unloading from the truck, ready for use, after a very quick installation and training time of the service personnel. It is a non-complex technology, very safe to handle, and easy to monitor.


Waste is Energy 


With your support, we provide a simple solution to eliminate public, industrial and private waste and use it as a fuel resource. Today, waste often ends up along the road side and in illegal deposits and thus causing illness. Our professional solution reduces this risk. It protects the most vulnerable populations and comes at low investment- and operational cost. It is a ready-to-use solution, right after unloading from the truck.


This unique affordable mobile 20-foot model, solves your immediate waste plastic problems.



Self-Sufficient production of liquid fuel from plastic;

fast, simple, clean, and safe




What a waste! Municipal authorities are hesitant to provide solutions and pretend not to see the problem. Waste is also used as a political argument to avoid high cost for usually large infrastructures. Merely seen as a commercial topic, waste elimination is essentially seen as a cost inducing factor. The secondary effects, such as environmental pollution causing health impacts, are not seen as directly related costs. Waste dumping is also not recognized as a result of educational and behavioral gap in society. Larger projects are often confronted with resistance from surrounding communities, worrying about transparency and potential corruption involved.


As an action taker we operate in the clean energy sector, we consider waste as a secondary resource for renewable energy. To the 5R’s to sustainability; Refuse, Reduce, Re-use, Reform, Recycle, we add one more R; “Reprocess”.

Our project focusses on reprocessing plastic and composite material waste into liquid fuel. The basic idea originates from a university in Japan.



We aim to avoid waste of energy. The machine we are promoting is embedded in a wider concept of environmental care, community sensitization and education as well as of job creation. 





Up to date We have developed and now operate a small sized (20-foot container) waste treatment machine of this type in Nagoya, Japan in cooperation with a professional waste recycling company. Contrary to usual plants, our machine can be set up at a relatively small investment in cost, space and time. It runs self-sufficiently with part of the fuel it produces itself.  The operational process is easy to understand. 


At this stage, we have proven that the testing machine can be used safely in regular operations. Before commercial rollout though, we need to increase productivity and have therefore defined a complementary project to address the areas of improvement. For this project, we need to raise additional funds. 


Next steps to be addressed during 2018

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Pulsation Free Pump-Turbine (patented)


Mavel Engineering owns a patented pump-turbine solution for application in transporting gas, fluid or thickened masses, without pulsation.